You have something significant to say. I make sure the right people hear you say it.


Through the execution of intentionally-crafted PR campaigns, I position authors, expert entrepreneurs, and brands committed to making the world a brighter place in a way that makes people slow down and pay attention.

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Unlike cheesy romcoms, I won't promise you the world when it comes to PR. See — I'm less concerned about making sure everyone from here to deep space hears about you and much more interested in making sure the right people — the ones who will subscribe, pre-order, and gush about your latest book to their friends over a bottle of Syrah — know who you are.

But I'm not interested in telling just any story. In fact, I'm straight-up exhausted with the headlines regaling us with Richard Branson's ultimate entrepreneur morning routine. I would rather tell and hear the stories of diverse women — how the Korean-American entrepreneur infuses culture into her jewelry, how the black lawyer tends to her mental health, or how the LGTBQ+ author uses her platform to lift other marginalized communities up.

I want to tell the stories that I didn't see in the media growing up when I only had Lucy Liu, Ziyi Zhang, and Amy Tan to look to for representation for what it meant to be both Asian and American. 

Your opinion could add texture to an incomplete story. Your experiences could remind someone to stay resilient. Your story could move all of us forward. 

Let's tell it together.

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