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In-House Marketing Strategist

"I need a clone."

That's what so many hard-working business owners tell me they need when they hit a wall. They've got less hours in a day than tasks to get done, and they feel like they're out of options because who else could do what they do in the way that they do it? 

What's more, they're also stuck in a feast or famine launch cycle and are exhausted by the grind. And despite doing 3-year visioning exercises, they find it challenging to keep an eye on the long-term prize while dealing with day-to-day details that get them there. 

Which results in them getting by... but not getting ahead.

I won't mince words about why or craft a narrative to illustrate.

Here's what's happening: they're not thinking strategically.

They're working so much that their creativity reserves are low, and they can't see beyond the next launch.

Here's what I tell them: You don't need a clone, but you do need a strategic partner -- a first mate, a Girl Friday, or a right-hand lady -- who has a real stake in your business's success. Someone who can help you identify the right stuff to get done and then do all of it with you. 

If you're in that boat, there's one way we can work together. I can be a member of your team as an in-house strategist.

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As your in-house strategist, or the girl behind the scenes, we work together every day. Your business becomes my business, which means that you have two brains working on how you can get ahead profit-wise and become an influencer in your field. 

Here is what we'll do together...

  • Create a long-term strategic plan that highlights your competitive advantage (This process alone -- called Business Crystallization℠ -- has caused full-on rebrands. Use carefully.)
  • Craft a marketing plan that includes social media, personal content creation, and outreach (interviews, traditional media, etc.)
  • Write goosebump-inducing copy for your website and upcoming launches
  • Write blog posts, articles for other websites, and scripts for your podcast / video show 
  • Design and write your automated email sequences that invite people to get to know you and buy from you
  • Create new freebies for your community 
  • Repurpose content so your message can reach as many people as possible
  • Make 1% improvements to your website (results include: higher opt-in rates, extra sales, & more community connection)

Plus, here's a fun bonus. 

When you hire me, you get a virtual assistant as part of the package deal.

That means you can delegate the following tasks to me, too. 

  • Manage your social media accounts (Instead of just pushing content out there, we go a step further and make friends on Twitter for you.)
  • Answers emails from reader, field client inquiries, and organize inbox chaos
  • Complete research for new products, services, or blog posts
  • Proofread everything that can be edited
  • Format your blog posts and weekly emails
  • Create promotional images for your content
  • Create standard operating procedures (e.g. How to Format a Blog Post) for internal operations
  • Track meaningful metrics to show what's working and which areas need to be revisited  

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"I've had the privilege to have Cher support my business in myriad ways over the last 5 years. During the first year of my Influencer Academy, she was the program director - responsible for everything from participant engagement and on-site logistics to liaising with catering and guest speakers. Cher also pitched print and TV media on my behalf and has helped secure bookings including CNN and NBC and locally in Las Vegas with Vegas Seven, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Nevada Woman Magazine. Her administrative and project management skills are bar none. She is always ahead of deadlines, gives the right balance of structure and freedom to a support team and is a great strategic partner. Plus, with Cher comes an opportunity-centered mindset and contagious optimism, impeccable writing skills (i.e., persuasive emails, social posts or agendas/task lists), a gift for interpersonal communication and a wicked, pitch-perfect sense of humor. Work with this woman. She will make your business stronger and your life happier and more full of ease."

Alexia Vernon

Founder and Director, Influencer Academy

Holly Shaw Testimonial.png

You are like a dream come true, Cher! For some time now, I've been like man! I have all this content and videos and stuff in every little corner, but it sure would be nice to have someone help me strategize how to use it and help me spread it out into the world. You da best!

Holly Shaw, Creativity Coach

Seriously. I just read the descriptions and they are beyond beautiful. I'm not sure how you took my rambling of words and created such powerful yet delicate stories but I'm so unbelievably grateful you did. Thank you for pushing me to let go and trust you with this. I'm blown away! So so so very grateful for you Cher.

Lindsey Rae, TODA Trinkets

I was feeling overwhelmed by my business tasks and didn't know what to do each time a client booked; I was basically re-creating the wheel each time. As a result, I think I was also subconsciously blocking people from working with me and didn't follow-up very well either - both with connections I met at events and past clients. After working with Cher, I gained clarity in what to do next in my client process and now have a step-by-step defined system that I can easily follow, which streamlines the process, cutting wasted time and mental energy. Plus, Cher has a magical combination of warmth + efficiency - an awesome combo for collaboration!

Adria DeCorte,


Working with Cher has been just amazing. I have been able to free up so much of my time!! I've resisted allowing someone to help me create my content for the longest time. My biggest fears were that my posts will no longer sound like me and that I'd be spending ridiculous amounts of time on the back and forth with that person. Cher proved me wrong. She's adopted the structure and tone of my blog posts so well that sometimes I forget which blog posts she wrote and which ones I did.  What I also love about Cher is how methodical she is. (1) She has never missed a deadline! And (2) she's compiled an entire style and tone guide for my blog that she uses as a reference when she writes her posts for me(!). No wonder her drafts look and feel like my own :). I couldn't ask for a better content partner and collaborator!

-Natasha Vorompiova, SystemsRock



Here are the tools my team & I have experience using:


  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite


  • Wordpress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix


  • WooCommerce
  • Stripe
  • Gumroad
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • LearnDash
  • Selz


  • Asana 
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • Evernote


  • Hootsuite
  • Meet Edgar 
  • Buffer
  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest


  • Leadpages
  • Libsyn
  • Soundcloud
  • Picmonkey
  • Canva
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop

Don't see your preferred tool on there? Don't worry. I learn pretty darn quickly.


  • I am a certified coach in BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits program. That basically means I feel informed enough to share a behavior change model that really works with another human being.
  • I speak Italian at a C1 level. Also, Spanish at around a B1 level. And Chinese at an A2 level. The point is, I like languages.