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Apple Podcasts boasts a library of over 550,000 shows. The US alone publishes over 7,000 magazines. And, according to a study by InfluencerDB, there are over 500,000 active users on Instagram that can be deemed an "influencer."

With so many options for where to pitch to draw attention to your new book, product, program, or service, how can you know which outlets or shows are going to make the most impact?

That's why I created THE PITCH LIST.

As the director of a PR agency, I've spent SO. MANY. HOURS. on a quest through the Internet to find the best places to pitch my clients across the lifestyle, business, and self-help industries. (That's time I could have spent re-watching Parks & Rec episodes or finally finishing that book I've been working on for the last forever.)

Let me be real with you - a majority of the publications and the podcasts out there aren't worth pitching. It's common that shows stop publishing new episodes, stop taking guest suggestions, or decide not to produce with an interview style format.

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On the editorial side, many publications operate on a contributor-only basis, devote the bulk of their resources to creating content for their advertisers, or simply don't have the bandwidth to review unsolicited pitches.

I wanted to save myself and my clients time as we created their PR strategies. And save time we did. #deathtothespreadsheet

THE PITCH LIST operates as a comprehensive "little black book" for CEOs, founders, and marketing leads on a mission to attract media attention that converts into leads.

As a free subscriber to the list, you'll gain instant access to a directory of up-to-date shows and magazines that are open to pitches.

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As a subscriber to THE PITCH LIST, I’ll also send you emails once or twice a month to help you stay in the know with new shows, opportunities, and ideas for pitching your business.

If you run into any issues during this process, all you have to do is send an email to and we'll sort it out for you.