This is the year you were going to go from unknown to known in your industry, right?

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 Buuuuut turns out researching and writing thoughtful pitches to get that kind of exposure takes A LOT of time. You’re well aware that the publicity could grow your email list and bring in new clients (which leads to more cash money, more influence, and more freedom), but when you look at your list of to-do's, pitching tends to fall toward the bottom.

Plus, you know that you only get one chance to make a first impression. So the idea of pitching anyone on your "influencer crush list" or for a big-time outlet, like Forbes, makes you nervous.

You don't want to sound artificial. You don't want to be annoying. You don't want to end a potential relationship before it starts. And you definitely don't want to waste time you could have spent on client work only to hear a "no" at the end of the email thread. (Rejection sucks, I hear you.)

That’s why I offer my “PITCH FOR ME, PLEASE” PR package.

Because you have more important things to do than learn how to be your own publicist.

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Together we’ll decide what type of media will bring in the most potential clients - sales - influence, like:

  • Podcast interviews

  • Online blog contributions

  • Print and online magazine features

  • TV interviews



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 It’s for you if you’re an established business owner who is ready to:

  • Amplify your message so you can get hundreds of new people on your email list

  • Start and nurture relationships with entrepreneurs on your influencer crush list

  • Build social capital so others begin to see you as the go-to person in your field

  • Create or expand your “As Seen In” logo bar on your homepage to enhance credibility


aka. How I get you booked



Is your message ready for the media? To start our work together, we’ll evaluate your messaging, create sound bites for you, and develop stories (what the media calls “hooks” or “angles”) that will make your business relevant and interesting to podcast hosts, magazine editors, and influencers.



Once we’ve made you “media ready,” I’ll choose your ideal outlets -- the ones where all of your dream clients and customers hang out on. Because the goal IS NOT to be featured everywhere; it’s getting featured in all of the RIGHT places.



Then I’ll start pitching for you. Every week, I’ll send you a recap that shows you who / which outlet I’ve pitched, what features you’ve landed, and what’s on deck.



The truth is that most features/interviews/relationships are made from following up, which I’ll always do in a polite manner on your behalf.



You get booked. We celebrate. You book in a time with the host and prepare for your interview. We send a thank you card because kindness + gratitude go a loooong way.



You don’t get booked. But now you have an opening to continue the conversation because a “no” to an interview never means “no” to a relationship.

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 And a few bonuses (because giving useful gifts makes me happy):

  • If you don't have one already, I'll help you create a press kit, which makes you look oh-so-profesh and reduces the admin-related back and forth.

  • Every week, I’ll update you via email on how we’re doing. That way, you’re never left wondering what’s going on.

What I WON’T do you for in this package:

  • Coach you on what to say during the interview

  • Help you figure out your core message



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 The price?

Option 1 // Build My Credibility.

Starts at $1450 per month. 

You’re ready to start putting yourself out there because your podcast needs new listeners, your email list is ready to grow, or you want to attract new 1-1 clients. In this option, we’ll pitch you for podcasts so you can get known and get paid.

Option 2 // Get Me Featured.

Starts at $1850 per month. 

You’re playing next-level entrepreneurship, and you need the street cred to match it. That’s why you’re ready to start being quoted in big-time magazines, websites, and podcasts. This is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants more eyeballs on her already-published book, is ready to blow her revenue goal out of the water, or needs the credibility that comes with landing big clients. You’ll feel extra fancy and profesh when you can put “As Seen On (insert dream outlet)” on your homepage.

Option 3 // Launch My Program / Product / Book.

Starts at $2500 per month. 

You’ve got a big idea in the form of a book, program, or product coming out in the next year, and you need help getting exposure in the ALL of the right places. We’ll make sure your new baby feels like the song people just can’t get out of their heads.

6-MONTH MINIMUM: If we decide to work together, it will be a minimum 6-month commitment, and I’ll ask you to sign an agreement that says so. That agreement will also state that there are no refunds and no guarantees. If you’re uncomfortable with that but want to find other ways to learn how to pitch yourself, I recommend checking out Selena Soo, Janet Murray’s Soulful PR, or PR Couture.

Want to hear about my street cred in the pR world?

I started pitching news stations when I was 19. I would get up at 4am and cold call editors in NYC until I heard "yes" from outlets like CNN and NBC. That’s only after getting a feel for local media outlets in Las Vegas. I didn’t learn it all on my own. Alexia Vernon, my boss at the time, was an incredible mentor and provided me with all of the tools I needed to be professional, poised, and prepared.

I took those skills and used them to land sponsorships for charity events, my Italian podcast, and Natalie Sisson’s The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast. It also helped me nurture relationships with people I’ve always admired in my industry. Plus, I’m really good at using the power of words to persuade. And I’ll be your buffer for rejection because I’m not afraid to hear a "no."

EXAMPLES OF OUTLETS I've booked clients on

Fast Company

Conscious Company Magazine

Create & Cultivate

MONEY Magazine



Mindful Magazine





There are so many reasons I unequivocally recommend Cher on all things publicity it’s challenging to know where even to begin. She is a masterful writer - customizing her pitches for each podcast, TV, print or online media outlet she pitches. She follows up - and is classy and persuasive when she does. She brings innovative ideas to client meetings and is totally self-directed in executing everything she commits to. She took exceptional care of my approximately 100 book ambassadors. She is unparalleled organizationally - tracking EVERYTHING she does! She is super communicative - letting the client know exactly what she’s doing behind the scenes. And perhaps most importantly, she gets you press! During our 9 month engagement, Cher got me over three dozen podcast interviews (including lots of high profile ones like Emerging Women, The Amber Lilyestrom Show and Christine Hassler’s Over It & On With It), a feature in a regional glossy magazine, profiles and book reviews on influencer sites like Create & Cultivate, Mavenly + Co and PR Couture, and multiple TV segments. One of the top podcast hosts in the country told me, “I’ve never worked with an author’s publicist who was more professional and gracious than Cher.” And I agree! Whether you are looking for support with booking the right podcasts for your business goals or looking for publicity support across media platforms, Cher is your woman.
— Alexia Vernon, Women's speaking and business coach and author, Step into Your Moxie
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1) But I don’t have a professional, fancypants microphone. -  That's fine! If you become a client of mine, I’ll gift you the full setup.

2) I just started my business a few months ago, but I know my message inside + out, upside + down. Am I still a good fit? - That’s to be determined. Write me, and I can evaluate if getting media coverage is really the next best step for you.

3) I want a guarantee that I’ll be booked for the podcast interviews / magazine features / contributions on my list. - Sigh, I wish I could give you that. But pitching is a tricky, no-guarantee game. You do your best to get the messaging tight + clear. It’s perfect. Then maybe the host decides to end the show and already has all her guests lined up. Or perhaps he’s going through a family emergency and the show is on hold for the next six months. It also might happen that the pitch just doesn’t fit with the direction the show to take. Stuff that we can’t know if we’re not in her head. That’s why our fallback is always building relationships, which are often more valuable than an interview.

4) Do I have to have existing connections with editors, journalists, producers, or podcast hosts? - Nope. 

5) I don’t have the budget. Would you consider a payment plan? - Normally, yes. But for something like this, I recommend that you save your money and funnel it towards less-risky investments, like hiring a VA to free up some of your time or investing in software that will help you run your next program.