I believe that EXECUTING ON A pR STRATEGY can change everything for a small business. And I want to help you CREATE yours.

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 You want to:

  • Stop being the best-kept secret and become one of the first names that come to mind for support in your respective industry.

  • Teach your team how to pitch for you in a way that’s effective, helpful, and personalized.

  • Understand which outlets you need to target to get the best results - book sales, list building, etc -- instead of wasting time with opportunities that won’t convert

  • Craft story ideas, messages, and headlines that will make journalists, editors, producers, conference organizers, and podcast hosts reply back with “Tell me more”

  • Use the promotion of your book / service / product to raise your proverbial flag high and amplify the conversation you’ve started about a bigger issue related to your business message.

If I’m right about all of those things above, I think we could make some tangible magic happen with my DIY PR package, which means that you, I, and a key member of your team would come together virtually or in-person and create everything you need in one day.

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As a recap, you’ll get:

  • Thoughtfully-crafted media stories and bullet points

  • Personalized pitch templates to journalists, editors, producers, and podcast hosts

  • Customized follow-up templates so you’re never left feeling awkward while asking “Hey, did you see this?”

  • A curated media list of 20-30 key publications + podcasts with contact info

  • A press kit that journalists, editors, producers and podcast hosts will love you for providing

  • Access to my brain for a full 14 days after our work together so you can get support

  • Copies of all of my client-only resources like my phone and podcast interview tips, pitch templates for friends, podcast preparation 1-sheets, etc.



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Why work with me?

  • I have nearly a decade of experience in PR and digital marketing - getting results for my clients and myself in the form of TV segment interviews, glossy magazine features, podcast sponsorships, or article mentions and operating in a way that prompted one podcast host to tell my client, “I've never worked with an author's publicist who was more professional and gracious than Cher."

  • My background in digital marketing makes me more than just a publicist. That means I offer strategic advice on how my clients can use the media they get to build their lists or sell their services in the classiest and most efficient way.

  • I specialize in writing COLD pitches. It’s my jam. I love writing an email to a stranger and making it into a letter that is personalized, feels warm, ad brightens the reader’s day. That means you’re more likely to get booked or land press even if you don’t have an existing relationship with someone.

  • I’ve worked with over 100 podcast hosts and know who and what they’re looking for in a guest. In fact, one podcast host said, “Cher is the only publicist that knows how to pitch the show.”

  • I love working with business owners and authors who want to do good in this often confusing, chaotic world that we call home. And I walk my talk by building giving back into my business model. For every retainer or consulting client that I sign, I donate enough for one child to learn to read and write for a year with the nonprofit Room to Read.

 How much does it cost?

1 payment of $2200 -- or 2 payments of $1100

I accept any credit / debit card or PayPal.

Want to see the exact results I’ve gotten for clients? Here is a document where I keep track of them all.

Ready to book a DIY PR Day with me?