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I believe that just one pitch can change everything for a small business. And I want to help you write yours.

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 Many of you have heard the stories too -

  • “I mustered up the courage to ask to be on her podcast and now it’s my number one lead generator.”

  • “I cold emailed her, and now she’s been my client for seven years.”

  • “Someone that I had asked to virtual coffee intro’d me to her, and now we’re business besties. Couldn’t imagine life without her.”

But when I talk to small business owners about actually pitching themselves, they tell me that they don’t know where to start and don’t know what to say.

In short, there are A LOT of questions (and all the emotions) that can come up when an author or entrepreneur thinks about pitching herself.

  • How do I write a pitch to my friend who has a podcast without making it awkward?

  • How do I pitch a stranger?

  • How often am I supposed to follow up on a pitch without being annoying?

  • How do I know which shows to choose?

  • I’ve been on some podcasts with smaller audiences, but now I want to pitch bigger shows. What can I do to have a better chance of getting booked?.

PITCH TLC is my answer to all of those questions.

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 It’s a 1 ½ hour virtual consultation with me where you choose one PR-related “to do” for us to work on together.

Availability: 3 spots in March 2019.

That could be:

  • Writing a pitch template for podcasts, magazine editors, or TV producers that you can tweak and use over and over again - This includes follow-up templates, too!

  • Curating a list of podcasts for you to reach out to (with tips and tricks from my experience pitching ALL the shows)

  • Brainstorming story ideas for you to pitch to outlets like Brit+Co, Create&Cultivate, Forbes, and Fast Company

  • Creating your podcast press kit

We’ll work on your project for a full hour and then you’ll have 30 minutes to ask me any and all questions about PR. (It’s a PR free-for-all!)

At the end, you’ll:

  • Breathe a huge sigh of relief that the one thing holding you back from pitching yourself is oh-so-fantastically finished

  • Have access to my library of client-only resources that includes items like interview checklists, spreadsheet templates to help you keep track of your pitch progress, and tips for giving the best interview you possibly can



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Why consult with me?

  • I have nearly a decade of experience in PR and digital marketing - getting results for my clients and myself in the form of TV segment interviews, glossy magazine features, podcast sponsorships, or article mentions and operating in a way that prompted one podcast host to tell my client, “I've never worked with an author's publicist who was more professional and gracious than Cher."

  • My background in digital marketing makes me more than just a publicist. That means I offer strategic advice on how my clients can use the media they get to build their lists or sell their services in the classiest and most efficient way.

  • I specialize in writing COLD pitches. It’s my jam. I love writing an email to a stranger and making it into a letter that is personalized, feels warm, ad brightens the reader’s day.

  • I’ve worked with a over 100 podcast hosts and know who and what they’re looking for in a guest. In fact, one podcast host said, “Cher is the only publicist that knows how to pitch the show.”

  • I love working with business owners and authors who want to do good in this often confusing, chaotic world that we call home. And I walk my talk by building giving back into my business model. For every retainer or consulting client that I sign, I donate enough for one child to learn to read and write for a year with the nonprofit Room to Read.

 How much does it cost?

1 payment of $465 -- or 2 payments of $235

I accept any credit / debit card or PayPal.

Want to see the exact results I’ve gotten for clients? Here is a document where I keep track of them all.

Ready to book a consultation with me?