Cher Hale puts her nine years of PR and marketing experience to use supporting her growing roster of preeminent voices in women’s leadership, social enterprise, and wellness. She has an excellent track record for securing opportunities for her clients to become better known in their respective industries as thought leaders through leading podcast interviews, feature profiles, and bylined content like CNN, NBC, Conscious Company Magazine, and Forbes.

Prior to founding Cher Hale Creative PR in 2016, she worked with influential online business owners as a digital marketing specialist creating strategy for digital product launches, securing sponsorships, and planning and executing on content calendars.

Born to an immigrant Taiwanese mother, she is particularly passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices that are traditionally overlooked in the media, so they have a greater chance of shifting our cultural narrative through their messages, books, and work.

She lives full-time in Spokane, Washington.


  • I was, unfortunately (or luckily) not named after the singer Cher. My name means “snow baby (雪兒)” in Chinese.

  • In 2012, I created a website and podcast to teach people Italian — just to clarify, I am 0% Italian — called The Iceberg Project. I still run this website today and speak Italian fluently.