Building Brand Awareness

Occupation: Licensed Counselor, life coach, and self-published author

Goal: Gain visibility for her self-published book, build an As Seen In bar

Nancy was coming up on her one-year anniversary of her third self-published book.

While launching her book the year prior, she admitted that she hadn’t been diligent about putting herself -- and the book -- out there. During the few weeks that followed the launch, she was featured on several podcast interviews with small audiences. Not bad… except for the fact that half of these shows served audiences outside of her target market. So they weren’t the best use of her time.

On top of that, Nancy wanted to differentiate herself and her brand which she described as “getting off of coach island”. Like any bustling, self-published entrepreneur, she lacked both the time and resources to discover the correct outlets and specific targets to accomplish this.

In August of 2018, CHC was thrilled to sign Nancy on as a client to help her with messaging and ongoing pitching for her book: The Happier Approach: Be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier, & Still Accomplish Your Goals.



Shortly after, she was quoted as an expert on five mainstream websites like Bustle and Live Happy Magazine and landed a full feature on Forbes here. She also booked interviews on well-known podcasts such as The Unmistakable Creative with Srinivas Rao and About Progress with Monica Packer.

For the first time ever, Nancy watched her email list not only grow but attract the engagement it needed in order to thrive as well. She said, “My Live Happier Through the Holiday's event -- which I have done for four years never reaching more than 45 people -- almost tripled in numbers due to podcast placements at that time. And I had more people than ever engage with the emails. Plus, my general newsletter has increased by 10% after YEARS of stagnation.”

nancyjane (1).jpeg

CHC was able to bring Nancy the press she wanted. After years of trying to do it by herself, she was finally placed in front of diverse audiences where other coaches weren’t being featured, and was established as the subject-matter expert she had already been but wasn’t yet known for. (So long, Coach Island!)

CHC still works regularly with Nancy on press outreach and can’t wait to see how her business evolves as future placements come in. If you’re looking for results like Nancy’s for your upcoming book, project, or 1x1 work, check out our services here.

Danait Berhe