Attracting New 1x1 Clients

Occupation: Messaging coach and host of the Unforgettable Podcast

Goal: Attract new leads for 1x1 client work and raise visibility of her podcast

Adria felt like she had hit a plateau in her business; her podcast numbers had stalled, and all of the marketing she was putting her precious time into wasn’t growing her list. More importantly, every client inquiry call she had felt like a drag because these potential clients weren’t even sure that they needed her.

In her previous business as a healthy living strategist, Adria had been interviewed on over 30 podcasts and featured on various TV programs, not to mention presenting her own TEDx talk.. All of that publicity had helped her build an engaged audience for that business, so she figured good publicity could be the key to her next business venture as well.

In April of 2018, CHC was over-the-moon excited to sign Adria DeCorte as a new client to help her with ongoing pitching with a promise to build her email list and attract new 1x1 clients.

adria1 (1).jpeg


At the end of our six-month agreement, she had been booked on 18 podcasts directed at her ideal target market, riddled with listeners that fit the mold of her ideal client. Some of these podcasts include:

  • The Business of Becoming with Lori Kennedy

  • Courage & Clarity with Steph Crowder from Fizzle

  • Small Business Boss with Maggie Patterson

  • Marketing in Yoga Pants with Brit Kolo

Adria finally began to see the momentum she was hoping for as consultation calls with potential clients rolled in while she was away from her desk. She couldn’t believe that such a large number of client inquiries could come so easily. Since these people had heard her on their favorite podcasts, they felt like they already knew her and were ready to invest.



She said, “I made $4200 income that I've traced directly back to discovering me on interviews you booked. That's attributed to one private client, two group members who each enrolled in two groups (when one was done, they signed up for the next level), and a passive sale of my course. I have seen a significant increase in my podcast downloads from people finding me and ongoing small numbers of signups each week.”

After struggling to make inbound marketing strategies work for herself in the way that all of the marketing gurus said they would, CHC was capable of putting Adria and her services in front of optimal and new audiences. We are happy to confirm that Adria found success by reaching out to the very people who needed her the most.

If you’re looking for results like Adria’s for your upcoming book, project, or 1x1 work, check out our services here.

Danait Berhe