Case Study: Which Marketing Strategies Filled a Group Program in Four Days

When I’m not furiously typing out another promotion plan for a client, I run another business called The Iceberg Project. It's all about helping people who are obsessed with Italy learn Italian in a way that’s accessible and fun.One of the ways I do that is by sharing strategies of how to learn a language. And one offering that accomplished this is called the Italian Language Studio, a six-week online program that walks students through important principles like how to improve memory, how to practice thinking in Italian, and how to choose the best resources for your level.

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I write about the place where business + social responsibility meet. When I'm not researching whatever my latest obsession is, you can find me re-watching Remember the Titans, posting on Insta @___whatthehale, or hiking somewhere in the PNW. If you're interested in working with me on a marketing or PR campaign, I do that, too.

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