6 People Who Have Changed the Way I Think About Business

Every time I‘ve made noticeable progress in my business, it’s been because I changed the way I was thinking about business. 

It’s been a long journey so far, and I know I’ll continue to make shifts in order to reach even higher levels. That’s why I want to say thank you to those who have helped me make those changes. 

Each person has been a mentor to me whether I’ve personally met them or not. In my experience, it only takes one line of dialogue from one book to completely shift the way I see things, which is such a comforting reminder to me as a writer. If just one line from any of the articles you read on my site shifts the way you’ve been thinking about your business and allows you a bit more freedom, then I feel like I’ve done my job. 

Six People Who Have Shifted the Way I Think

Mark Cuban - Mark changed the game for me when he said, “Follow your effort, not your passion.” I saw so clearly how I had been following my effort over my passion and beating myself up about it. It made me get more real with myself and as a result, I decided to stop learning French and Spanish to focus purely on learning everything I could about business. 

Marie Forleo - Through Marie’s stories of self-advocacy, I began to see that if I didn’t learn how to promote myself, nobody else would do it for me. Her humor, courage to be seen on a global scale, and the way she so unabashedly knows and uses her strengths inspire me. 

Alexia Vernon - Besides being supportive and loving, there were two key influences that Lex has had on the way I think about business. First, she showed me how long the road of building a business is and that it’s natural to evolve from one stage to the next. Second, she showed me that being seen is planned and not just mere coincidence. Through learning how to pitch for her, I saw once again the importance of self-advocacy (and the absolute necessity of being a persuasive writer). 

Natalie MacNeil - Natalie taught me how to ask for more in a time when I hadn’t realized I had settled. She shifted my thinking from, “I can’t ask for more,” to “it’s my absolute obligation to ask for fair compensation.” 

Anne Lamott - I used to think that beautiful writing would flow from your fingertips -- that had been brushed by the divine -- on the first try. Anne taught me that shitty first drafts are necessary and normal. Life changing.

Alexandra Franzen - Alex taught me that the freedom you get in an online business is about more than just wearing pajamas or being location-independent. It’s about how expressed you feel and about making things work for you. Her originality and total acceptance of herself helped me learn how to be more flexible. She taught me to bring all of me to this space.

You’ll notice a theme running through the lessons I’ve learned from these incredible people. As they stood on a very public stage and built their businesses, they showed me what acceptance looks like. Thank you. 

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