Here's the real reason I don't post on Instagram.

You have a Twitter, Instagram, a Facebook page (and a group, I bet). You have all the things, but you don’t think you’re using them well. 

I do the same thing. I have Instagram and Twitter, and I don’t post on them. I say it’s because I’m busy with client work but that’s not the whole truth. 

I don’t post consistently on Instagram because I’m scared for you to see me. I’m scared you’ll judge me for the choice of my words or the hashtags I use. I’m scared you’ll think I’m too self-absorbed or that I post too often. I’m scared you’ll think I think too highly of myself. I’m scared that my life isn’t interesting enough or that my photos won’t be good enough. I’m scared that my thoughts are silly or mundane. I’m even scared that you’ll think my Instagram handle is childish. 

I don’t want others to see that I’m a work-in-progress even though I try to convince myself that being one is honorable / right / okay. 

So I don’t post on Instagram in a way that would be fun for me. And as scared as I am of all of those things, I still want to be seen. 

So for the next fourteen days, I’ll be posting one true thing a day to Instagram. 

It’s not a tactic to build my business or get new clients (although, that’d be a fun side-effect). What it is, though, is one way I can start allowing myself to be seen. Because for real for real, I’ve got just one shot at this life thing, and I don’t want something as small as caring about what you think of me to hold me back from doing anything that would make me happy.

Follow me @chertakesprettypictures if you’re interested and let me know who you are so I can follow you back. :) 

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