4 More Questions to Ask Before You Launch

There are a lot of factors, like the size and engagement of your audience, that determine what makes a launch successful. And while you can’t control all of the factors, what you can do is to ask yourself smart questions that help you see your blind spots. 

After you ask yourself these four pre-launch questions, then continue on with the four below. 

1) So what? 

There’s a scene in the best show ever (Parks & Recreation) where Ann helps Leslie get over her fear of first dates by role playing the worst date ever with her. She’s really mean and makes it extra awkward to help Leslie realize that a first date is just two people getting to know each other. While I don’t want you to be extra mean to yourself (or even to ask your team member to be extra mean to you) when it comes to your launch plan, here’s what I suggest. 

Fill in the blank: This offering I’m launching is important because __________. 

Then, ask yourself: So what?

When you answer again, ask that same question: So what? 

This simple question is likely to lead the way to objections you hadn’t considered or new, creative ways to promote the launch that distinguishes you from similar offers. 

2) What’s my launch strategy?

If you can’t clearly articulate your strategy for your launch, you know it’s time to do some digging and reflection. 

What I love about strategy is that it doesn’t have to be complicated to work. 

I have a client who was set on doing the traditional challenge + webinar + email sales sequence approach, but when it wasn’t performing well, she had to shift to what strategy has always worked for her --  approaching past clients one by one and invite them personally to her program. 

When I sold out one of my Italian coaching programs in 48 hours (with triple the applications than spots available), my strategy was the long-game. I had been hinting all year about enrollment and building a waiting list. I highlighted urgency and scarcity above all else. Originally, I had planned to send a long series of emails, but I didn’t need to. 

3) How did I decide what my launch strategy was?

How did you decide? Did you learn about it from an online marketer? Your business coach? The entrepreneur who owns the jewelry store down the street?

I don’t ask this question to highlight what’s wrong about getting the strategy from someone else. I do it so that I’m aware of my thinking. When I ask entrepreneurs this question, a common answer I get is, “That’s what everyone else has been doing” or “That’s what my business coach told me to do.”

Once we’re there, I can encourage them to think a bit more deeply about whether that strategy is actually a good fit for them or whether we can come up with something that plays more heavily on their strengths and their available resources.

4) What can I do right now that will improve this launch?

Sometimes the answer might be as simple as saying that you’re going to move the launch date. (We can get so obsessed with one date once we’ve chosen it that we forget we can also change it.)

If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with finding useful questions and asking them at the right time to help myself and my clients build our businesses. If you loved these questions and want more of them, I put the eight I’ve already written about plus a bonus five questions. You can download it by clicking the button below. 

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