19 Alternatives to Building Your List With a Free Challenge

Running a free challenge is big right now. They started out as longer ones, around 30 days, and they’ve since scaled back to be more digestible at 5 days. 

But, if you’re like, “Challenges are cool, but they’re just not for me or my business,” then here are 19 alternatives to building your list by running a free challenge (with the intention, of course, of building your list).

Alternatives to Running a Free Challenge

1) Develop a mini-course by yourself. Or with a friend! (Collaboration is fun.) 
2) Write an email course of very short messages. Or long ones. Or in between, medium ones. 
3) Create an online scavenger hunt. 
4) Design a course that feels like a game. 
5) Create a worksheet. Or a workbook. Or a checklist. 
6) Create a monthly calendar. 
7) Record an audio. Or a song. Or a meditation.  
8) Record a video. Or a music video. Or a tutorial. 
9) Design wallpaper for a smartphone or computer. Or downloadable prints. Or greeting cards!
10) Create a checklist. 
11) Create a template.
12) Write a manifesto. Or a tiny book. Or a novella.  
13) Compile a resource list.  
14) Record an interview with someone you admire. Or a hotseat with a client. Or your grandma. 
15) Run a Facebook ad to your most popular blog post (complete with an opt-in box, of course). 
16) Host a monthly call. Or a bimonthly one. Or a quarterly one, even! 
17) Bundle a bunch of your most popular articles into a PDF. 
18) Create a “Resource Library.”
19) Write a summary of some topic in an easy-to-understand way in a one-page PDF.

Or there’s always the option of not creating anything freebie-like at all and just telling people that you’ll send updates to their inbox. 

It’s your business. You get to decide. 

Happy creating (or not creating)! 

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