How to Leave an Impression on Potential Clients Before, During and After the First Call

You’ve started getting leads for free calls through your website and email list, and now that you have some of them on your calendar, what can you do to leave a positive impression before, during and after the first call?

Here are five ways to delight potential clients and help them make an easier decision on whether or not you’re the best person to work with.

1.) Make it easy for them to book an appointment. - Ping pong is only fun in real life, so avoid playing it with potential clients by making it easy to book a time to chat with you. You can do this by signing up for a tool like  Calendly , Acuity Scheduling (my favorite!) or ScheduleOnce. Your potential clients has lots of other things to do and she’s contacting you because she wants help now, so you giving her an easy task makes her feel taken care of.

2.) Get to know her business. - Before your first call with her, take a peek at her website. You can read a couple of articles, check out her offerings, and see if you have any common interests or beliefs from her about page. Then, you have conversation fodder for during and after the call to slip in. She’ll feel seen and loved.

3.) Take notes and paraphrase what she said back to her. - During the call, be diligent about listening attentively and taking notes. Every once in awhile, paraphrase what she said back to her. This will make her feel like she has all of your attention (because she does), which is a rare commodity these days.

4.) Communicate next steps. - At the end of the call, tell her what to expect you from next. Are you going to send a proposal? In how long? Are you going to send her an agreement to start working together or follow up in a week? Make sure that you’re clear about what’s going to happen next so you both know and can follow through. Then actually stick to your word.

5.) Put it in writing. - After the call, immediately send a follow up email recapping what you discussed and telling her what’s going to happen next. Yep, communicating rules the day here.

What do you do when you want to delight potential clients?

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