3 Examples of Warm & Inviting Automation Sequences

When I sign up for someone’s list, to get their freebie or just to be in their online space, it is not a simple sign-up process for me. I become a scientist of these sequences. I want to know what language they’re using on their thank you pages, what kind of formatting they’ve done for their double-opt in emails, and if I get lucky, what the first email in their automation sequence talks about.

In short, I am obsessed with the details of automation sequences. I take screenshots of everything, and when I see a particularly good setup, I want to not only capture, but to talk about it and share what I think they’re doing right. 

So, here I have 3 examples of email sequences that are warm, inviting and useful, and I’m willing to bet that they have higher open rates + higher click rates, because that’s how email marketing works in my world, lovely people. People want to read stuff from people they like.

Sequence #1: Enchanting Marketing

First, let’s talk about this landing page.

I see some things I love right off the bat:

— The testimonial from the VP of Marketing at Copyblogger - helllooo clout. If you don’t have a person that lots of people know to give you a testimonial here, no big deal. Someone else’s words — even if they’re a complete stranger — are powerful.

— The easy-to-read font

— The simple & concise bullet points telling you what to expect

— The customized “Subscribe” button 

— Great easy-to-digest (so very intended) headline for her opt-in

Once you enter your beloved email address, you’re sent to the first of two thank you pages.

What I love here:

— Simple, straightforward instructions

— Reintroduction of clout (after all, you’re still convincing someone to click that button to confirm). 

Then, you get the actual email:

What I love here:

— It’s personalized.

— There’s no template! It looks similar to an email you would be getting from a friend. 

Once you click that bright blue link, you’re sent to the second, and final, thank you page:

What I love here:

— A picture of her (she’s a real person & not just an Internet drone!)

— She tells you what to expect succinctly. 

— She suggests two other resources while making sure to respect your time. 

— She talks about following you back after offering social media links. This is because she understands that creator - subscriber relationships are two-way. LOVE. 

After that, you check your email inbox & as promised, there are two emails from her:

What I love:

— Once again, she communicates what to expect in the coming moments and weeks clearly & easily.


Sequence #2: The Uncaged Life

Rebecca Tracey has multiple funnels to get onto her list, so I’ll just highlight the one I’ve taken, which was signing up to receive her 3 Month Hustle checklist (seriously, so well-named). 

Note: I downloaded this in February of 2016, so her processes may have been updated or have completely changed since then.

What I love: 

— Easy-to-read font

— The digital graphic representation (you feel like you’re getting something tangible)

— The well-written one paragraph description

What I’m not a fan of:

— The white font when you enter your email address 

Then we have the first thank you page.

What I love:

— The copy shows her personality while still conveying necessary next steps.

— The suggestion to follow just ONE social media channel. 

— The fact that the first letter of her name is lowercase & she used a signature like xo. It gives you a taste of the informal language that you can expect from her. You start to already feel like a friend.

At long last, you get the final email with your checklist. 

What I love:

— The link to your checklist is clearly shown + one of the first things you will read. 

— She reinforces the ONE social media channel. 

— She has a picture of herself at the end (real person alert!).

Sequence #3: Evolve + Succeed

For some reason I will never understand, I did not screenshot the entire sequence that Halley Gray, over at Evolve + Succeed, has for her 6 Steps to 6 Months of Clients opt-in. This is seriously a shame because, LADIES, it’s brilliant. 

Here is what I do have though:


What I love:

— The fun, informal language - it’s 100% on brand for her

— The use of gifs (any reminder of the magic that is Bridesmaids is 100% approved)

— The use of a gif to show how human she is (you see that picture of there of her pretty smiling face? IT’S A GIF! It turns into this…which is memorable because it surprises you.)


— She asks you to choose your path. - She doesn’t assume that everyone wants the same things, and this shows that she knows her audience and understands them. Funnels, ftw.

If you need some ideas on how you can customize your automation sequence to be on-brand, warm, inviting AND useful, you might want to hop over here so you know what q’s to ask yourself before you put one together.

Have questions, comments or a great automation sequence to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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