A Day in My Life as a VA/Strategist

“You work online? So you just travel all the time?"

I nod my head in response and smile, “Yep, I’m a freelance writer”. I try not to feel guilty about lying since my work entails far more than writing.

“That’s so cool! It must be really nice.” The Lyft driver responds while making a turn onto Alberta.

This driver’s response is one that I hear anytime the conversation inevitably lands in the, “What do you do for work?” question.

The truth, however, is that I am not just a freelance writer. I write, and I freelance. Both of those statements are valid, but the spectrum of work that I do for my clients and myself is slightly more complex.

That being said, everything I do revolves around one main principle, and that’s helping an online entrepreneur, like yourself, build a foundation to nurture a long-lasting online community.

One that isn’t about having the biggest Twitter presence.

Or following the latest 8-step blueprint for your group coaching launch.

And definitely not one that’s dependent on you pretending to be anyone you’re not.

Why do I do what I do? You have big, beautiful ideas in that gorgeous head of yours, and I want to help you make them a reality.

What’s more, I want each entrepreneur I work with to know that a devoted, present, and honest relationship with your community is more important than creating the perfect product or having the most brilliant launch.

With that in mind, here’s what my typical work day looks like as a strategist who helps you build a devoted online community.

My Daily Organized Chaos

  • Review all of my and my clients' Asana workspaces and Trello boards to help them stick to their deadlines and break down where I am spending my time today
  • Write, edit or refine an article for my personal website (If I don’t create my own content first, it will never happen.)
  • Interact in Facebook groups and business communities so I can continue to reach out and engage with other entrepreneurs
  • Check email to be updated on any new information that may affect the tasks I have for today
  • Eat lunch, take a walk and somehow fit an episode of Gilmore Girls in (because no day is a good day without the ramblings of Lorelai Gilmore)
  • Start working on a client’s project for creating her new email automation sequence
  • Write an article on connector words in Italian for The Iceberg Project (because yep, I have another business to love, too)
  • Format an article for a client on Wordpress and then do another one for a separate writing contract
  • Craft and schedule 3-5 tweets and 1-2 Facebook posts for the above client’s article
  • Look over a client’s new opt-in freebie and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Request help from another team member to move forward on optimizing a client’s website
  • Look ahead to the next day to see what task are coming up
  • Respond to emails

On Mondays, I have my weekly meetings with clients, and on the weekends I send each of them a weekly recap discussing what we accomplished, what I’m still working on, and what’s coming up.

In short, I strategize, implement, and write in service of you, dear entrepreneur, who is building a community of people who adore you -- not just today, but for as long as you’d like to have your business.

What do YOU tell people that you do? Is it true? Let me know in the comments below.


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