How to Craft a "Where'd You Go?" Email Sequence

If you haven’t heard from a close friend in a while, what would you do? Most likely, you’d send a quick text, email or perhaps even call just to check in with them and see how they’re doing. After all, the fact that they’re not in touch does not immediately mean they don’t want you as a friend anymore (although yes, that can happen), but it most likely means they are just occupied with a full schedule. 

The same thing happens to a majority of your readers who stop opening emails. They signed up to receive your weekly notes with the best of intentions, but inboxes get really full and overwhelm is a very real problem. 

With that in mind, this email sequence is short, sweet, and definitely not a guilt trip. In fact, it speaks to both the lack of engagement and potentially the lack of connection someone could be feeling with your brand. 

So here’s how that might look if you’re a productivity coach:

start.) Subscriber hasn’t opened your past 15 emails

step 1.) When that happens, an email is sent just checking in on them. It can just be a few lines of text that say something like, “Hey, I know you’re feeling like your to do list never ends, and I just wanted to send this quick mantra from Alexandra Franzen your way as a reminder that everything you do is enough. “I don’t have a to-do list. I have a list of helpful suggestions.” Write it on a post-it note. Schedule it as a recurring task in Asana. Tweet it. Do whatever it takes to remember that you are in control of your schedule + your life. Sending lots of love."

step 2.) If they still don’t open that email after two weeks, another email can be sent suggesting that they unsubscribe if the content is no longer a good fit for them. This could look like, “Hey, in the event that what I’m creating isn’t what you were looking for, I wanted to suggest three other people who work in a similar area to me that you might love. Here are their names + websites. You’re always welcome to unsubscribe from getting my emails. I want to make sure you’re filling your inbox with exactly what inspires and helps you each day, so if that’s not me, no offense taken. You can click here to unsubscribe right now."

BOOST OF LOVE: Use this email as an opportunity to suggest other people who are in a similar space that they might jive better with.

That’s it! It’s simple, loving & offers invitations to re-engage with what you’re creating. 

Questions? Drop 'em below! 

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