12 Questions to Ask New Subscribers in Your Welcome Email (that aren’t “What are you struggling with?”)

While the question “What are you struggling with?” is a nice one, it can also be just generic and vague enough to not warrant a response.

As a service provider who cares about getting to know my community, I’d rather not write anything that’s going to elicit a thought, like “maybe I’ll answer this later”. I want my brand-new reader to be excited to connect with me personally, and I want our first conversation to be about something interesting.

In fact, I would never ask a new friend who I asked out for wine what she was struggling with. That’d be weird. Yeah, it was great to meet you at that event last week. What are all of your problems?

To start a better conversation (read buzz phrase: increase engagement), here are 12 questions to ask instead.

12 Questions to Ask in Your Welcome Email

1.) What book are you reading right now, and why do you love it?

2.) What business milestone are you bouncing-off-the-walls proud of?

3.) Which online entrepreneur are you constantly going to for advice when it comes to {industry}?

4.) If you had $5,000 to rebuild your website from the ground up, what would you do first?

5.) YAY! Someone just handed you a one-way ticket to anywhere in the world. Where do you go, and why?

6.) Speed round: You can have lunch with Beyonce, Amy Poehler, or Emma Watson. Who do you choose?

7.) You can only have one social networking site. (GASP.) Which do you choose to stick with?

8.) Why do you want to learn {about PR/Italian/how to host a zombie dinner party}?

9.) What’s one thing you’re excited about creating in your business this year?

10.) If you were to get a mantra tattooed onto your body, which mantra would you choose?

11.) What’s one podcast you can’t stop telling all your friends about?

12.) Worried about how to have a particularly difficult conversation? Tell me about it, and I’ll be able to send you a few lines you can use.

Have questions you want to share with me, too? Leave a comment below!


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