How to Craft a "Where You At?" Email Sequence

When a new reader starts following The Iceberg Project, my site for learning Italian, he could come in as a beginner, an intermediate student, or someone who’s  advanced that just wants to keep the language fresh. If I take advantage of the varying skill levels, it’s likely that I’ll be able to create content and products or services that are more specific, and therefore more attractive, to that audience.

The most painless way that I can do this is through a series of emails — the first one asking what level each reader is at. 

Now, just because the example I’m using is for learning a language, which is built-in with varying levels, this concept can be applied to all different industries. For example, parents in the first trimester of pregnancy, business owners who are just starting out, or burlesque aficionados who are ready to put together their own routine. 

Don’t you feel taken care of when you feel like someone has personalized something just for you? A jacket that’s perfectly tailored to your shape. A box of chocolates that have been selected according to your favorite tastes (red wine chocolate box, anyone?). A yoga routine that’s suited to your back pain and long hours on the computer. 

The value that each reader will get as a result of your personalization is so worth it and shows attention to detail and genuine care. 

Here’s how this might look in action.

Step 1.) Excited new Italian student subscribes to receive freebie or weekly lessons.

Step 2.) He is sent to thank you page.

Step 3.) He receives a personality-filled welcome email. 

Step 4.) The next day he starts to receives the “Get to Know Each Other” email sequence.

Step 5.) In the midst of the above sequence, he is sent an email with a choice between levels - Absolute Beginner, Upper Beginner, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate. 

Step 6.) In two days, he is sent the first email that pertains to his level. Since he’s an absolute beginner, he’ll get a short note and a link to the absolute beginner guide to help him choose resources and put together a studying routine. If he were a more advanced student, he might get a curated list of articles that are on his level about the dialect in Tuscany or a really complex grammar tense.

Step 7.) In one week, he is sent a second email that pertains to his level about an offering for practicing speaking in Italian. If he books a session, he will be tagged into the product or service's email sequence. If he doesn’t purchase, the email sequence will end and he will continue to receive the weekly lessons.

Note that these emails do not have to be long or arduous. The most important requirement is that they are valuable to the readers and speak to exactly where they’re at in their journey. 

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