How to Craft a "Level Up" Email Sequence

Let’s say that you teach women how to become more confident through burlesque dancing.

A lot of your market is beginners who are just becoming interested in the craft and they’re nervous about even trying to put together a routine. Your first product is all about how to put together your first burlesque routine — for your partner & on stage. When they finish the course (via their study plan sequence, of course), the next product, or the next level up, would be to start putting their entire act together.

That means they would learn all about how to brand themselves as a burlesque dancer, how to get slots for performances, and how to get their costume together, so you want to be able to introduce this course to them only after they’ve completed the first one. 

Here’s how that would look in an automation email sequence.

Step 1.) She finishes the first course and is marked as “completed” when she opens the final email from the study plan email sequence.

BOOST OF LOVE: This final email could be a short survey about their experience, which gives them an opportunity to reflect on their progress and gives you feedback for improving the experience for future students.

Step 2.) One week later, she is sent an email that links to an article all about choosing your costume for your routine. 

Step 3.) If she clicks on the article, the Level Up email sequence is triggered.

Step 4.) Four days later, she is sent an email all about doing your first dance on stage. 

Step 5.) Four days after that, she is sent an email asking her to talk about the fears or challenges she is experiencing as she learns more about burlesque dancing.

Step 6.) If she answers that email, you personally send her some links or give her some advice that corresponds to her fear. 

Step 7.) Five days later, she is sent an email that recommends the course. 

Step 8.) If she purchases the course and is taken off the Level Up sequence.

Step 9.) If she does not purchase, three days later she’ll be sent one more email with FAQ and a couple testimonials. 

Step 10.) If she still doesn’t purchase, she’ll continue to receive your weekly emails as usual.

As you can see, this sequence, like all the others, is customizable and you can continue to nurture her for this product and can return to your regular emails. 

What’s most important is that the next level product has a clear connection to the one she’s just finished and guides her through a journey from who she currently is or what she currently knows to who she aspires to be or what she hopes to know. 

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