How to Craft a "Freebie Time" Email Sequence

You’ve followed the advice and created your PDF, email course, or some other great freebie for your opt-in, and now, how can you make the most of it? 

This email sequence is designed to deliver your freebie while also helping you get to know your new subscriber, so you’ll see a lot of overlap with the “Get to Know Each Other” email sequence. 

In this one though, I’ll give a better idea of what it would like if you were delivering a series of emails, like a free 5-part email course on how to find the man of your dreams without using Tinder.

Here’s the basic layout in case you’re interested in setting one up. 

Freebie Time Email Sequence

start! A person searching for relationship advice finds a podcast interview of yours about how to attract a man without using manipulative tricks.

step 1. She follows the link to your website and subscribes to your email series. 

step 2. She is sent to a thank you page with a quick note on what to expect next along with some other key elements.

step 3. She confirms that she wants to opt-in after receiving a customized email.

step 4. She receives a welcome email (includes elements like the link for the PDF, what to expect, a bit of your personality, and then a question).

step 5. She receives the first part of the email series that same day.

step 6. She receives the second email the next day, the third the day after, and so on until...

step 7. She receives a final email wrapping up the series. This email asks her about results or progress.

Boost of love: This could be a great place to gather testimonials so you can help people say YES to your opt-in more easily.

step 8. She receive another email a week later with a useful resource, perhaps one how to be more confident on the first date. 

step 9. If clicked, she could be put into a funnel for the "You Might Like This Too" email sequence and if they engage, she could be sent a pitch for a related offering. 

There are lots of ways you could deviate or expand on this sequence, but this structure can serve as a great jumping off point for those of you who are just getting started with email sequences or looking to optimize shorter, existing ones that you have. 

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