How to Craft a "Get to Know Each Other" Email Sequence

“Hey! I know we just met, but…can you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and also come with me to this concert and then we can go shopping the very next day together because it’s my birthday and I would like you to buy me this one purse I’ve been eyeing."

Can you imagine saying this to someone you just met who you want to be friends with?

For 99.7% (yes, real statistic) of people, that kind of interaction is going to be terrifying.

Did I just meet my future stalker? may be a question that starts to run through their minds. 

When it comes to creating relationships online, the rules are slightly different, but the overall principle still stands: Building relationships takes time. 

So when someone lands on your website and they decide to give over something personal like their email address, it’s essential that we, as business owners and service providers, appreciate the significance of that exchange of energy. 

This is where your “get to know each other” email sequence comes in handy. 

What is a “Get to Know Each Other” email sequence? 

In this email sequence, you set up a series of emails with the overall goal of getting to know the human who just subscribed and to help them get to know you and what you’re all about.

Here’s what one could look like:

start! Human finds an article you wrote about how to create one’s roller derby persona

step 1. The person subscribes because the article was awesome, and you, smart business owner, had a very cleverly-placed opt-in box at the bottom of your post with an invitation to download a PDF called, “13 Mistakes to Avoid as a Roller Derby Newbie”. 

step 2. Future roller-derby star is sent to a thank you page with the PDF download and a quick note on what to expect next along with some other key elements

step 3. Almost-subscriber clicks confirm (double opt-in) in a customized email

step 4. Shortly after, new subscriber receives personalized welcome email (includes elements like the link for the PDF, what to expect, a bit of your personality, and then a question)

step 5. Excited new subscriber receives an email 7 days later about how they found the PDF. 



BOOST OF LOVE: This email is a great place to ask another question or invite them to one social media channel -- Twitter/Facebook group/Instagram -- to start a conversation. It’s like the next invitation to hang out. Don’t forget that each time they answer one of your questions, your response (or lack thereof) becomes a part of their experience.



step 6. 7-10 days later, you share a popular article that you think may be useful for them.

step 7. Two weeks later, your now blossoming roller-derby reader receives an email with a surprise gift, something small & simple, like a desktop wallpaper download of roller-derby workout schedule, a checklist, or a PDF that speaks exactly to what she may be going through as she navigates the roller-derby world.

step 8. A few days later, you invite her via email to dive deeper into something with you - a product, a course, a pre-recorded webinar.

end? Depending on what you teach, you can set automated emails for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months for check-in’s, but there really is no end to the process of getting to know someone, just like in real life. 




  • It’s helpful that you have a library (at least 5-10) of articles or pieces of content to refer to that either.
  • If you have an email series as your opt-in freebie, the last day of the series could be the check-in. 
  • If you want to start selling sooner, you can, and one way to do that would be to optimize the articles you share with product links. For example, you send a link to an article with four easy poses for back pain and that post contains a couple links to your 30-day video course on relieving back pain through yoga. 
  • This sequence works really well with both the Freebie Time and Hey, Look! Here’s How I Can Help! email sequences.
  • As you give this information, you want to be seen as the close friend or the advisor and NOT the expert. The expert feels inaccessible. You want to be their trusted advisor. Remember, it’s a 2-way conversation. 

Have questions about how to craft your getting to know each other email sequence? Drop a comment below!

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