If the Doctor wrote an automation sequence...

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. From the first episode of the new series in 2005, I was hooked by his never-ending curiosity, optimism, and appreciation (or lack thereof) for the impossible. 

As a strategist that loves creating automation sequences and a ghostwriter that finds immense joy in finding the words that piece together someone's unique voice, I thought it would be fun to try and capture the Doctor's voice if he were to create an automation sequence. 

As a fan of Doctor Who, I can't ever imagine him sitting down to do something as human as this, BUT STILL, it was a wonderful practice in sequence and content creation for me creating for...an alien - a very clever, often well-dressed, and charming alien. 

In this email sequence, the Doctor has offered a 3-part email series on how to have a spontaneous adventure this week. 



SUBJECT LINE: Geronimoooo! 

Hellooooooooo humans!

So glad you decided to come along with me by signing up for my listy thing. Amy told me I ought to have one, so here I am. (Always do what Amy says. That’s the rule Rory and I live by.)

Well, let’s see. Introductions, right. 

Basically, you can call me the Doctor, and I travel through time and space.

If you decide to stick around, I’ll share all of my adventures with you, from defeating the Atraxi — remember those guys last year? — to kicking the Silence off your planet (although, to think about it now, you might not remember those lot).

To help us get to know each other a bit better and to help you have a more interesting life (because I’m under the impression you’re dreadfully bored), I’m going to send you three lessons about how to spontaneously have the most thrilling adventure of your life…this week. 

That will be coming soon (at least if I put everything together right). 

In the meantime, I’m very curious to know who you are, and more specifically if something interesting (and by interesting, I mean not-from-Earth) is happening to you.

Click reply!

Bye for now.

The Doctor

PS. I really do hope to get back to you soon, but as you might guess, time travel can be quite tricky, so could be ten minutes ago or could be twenty years from now. 


SUBJECT LINE: I may not have read the instructions (and Lesson #1)

Hello again,

If this is being delivered at the time it should have been delivered in comparison to when you got the first email, it has been three days, from your point of view that is. 

Time travel, you know. Can’t keep it straight. 

Blimey, where was I?

Oh right, now is the time you learn your first lesson about how to have the most thrilling adventure of your life this week. 

I would start from rule #1 but that wouldn’t be as fun (and there are two of them), so I’ll start from the most relevant rule, which will be your lesson today.

RULE 408!

Rule 408: You should always waste time when you don't have any. Time is not the boss of you.

I know you’re all milling about down there kind of lost but more or less comfortable, so let me tell you something. You could absolutely stay there, in your warm, little houses, filling your life with work and food and sleep, or you could go anywhere, do anything, be whoever you want. 

So if you are right now thinking that you don’t have any time — even to read my clever email — NOW is the best time to waste time. 

Unless you understand this one fundamental thing, adventure will continue to escape you. 

Come on then, don’t let time or boredom or even bananas be the boss of you.

You are capable of extraordinary things.

The Doctor


SUBJECT LINE: I am 907 years old…(and Lesson #2)

Hi there!

The Doctor here again. 

It occurred to me that you might be wondering what I am, seeing as that I’m not human and that I keep going on about alien things being interesting. 

Here’s the answer!

Oh, I’ve just realized I can’t use psychic paper via email. 

Blimey, well. 

Fine then.

I’m a Time Lord. Born & raised in Gallifrey (now somewhere at the end of the Universe). Some say that Time Lords are miracles, that each cell contains limitless power. 

People hear that and think, wrongly, of course, that they must be very small in comparison.

Not as important!


Just made to mind the till and spend boring lives very slowly and in the correct order.

But let me tell you something, and I want you to listen very closely.

I am 907 years old, and in all that time and space, I have never met anyone who wasn’t important. Every single being is mad and impossible in the best way with the power to change the course of time, to alter history, or to run off with a madman in a blue box. 

So don’t for one second think that you are not important or that you are less than. 

That’s your lesson for today. 

Without a doubt, you are important, and you deserve, just like every other being, the chance to live a fantastic life.

Off you go then!

The Doctor


SUBJECT LINE: Ever seen a new Sontaran? (and Lesson #3)

Hello you!

Have you been wasting time like I told you to?

It’s my job to lead by example, and I must tell you that I’ve been wasting loads of it.

When Amy and Rory go to sleep, I pop off for a few adventures all on my own.

Just last night I found myself in a Sontaran hatchery. Ever seen a new Sontaran? I would like to say they’re cute, but they’re actually quite….well, to be honest, they remind me a bit of Christmas dinner. 

And at some point I may have ran into myself and then, ehh…broken something. 

All in the past though. Or was it the future?

No matter. The point was that I hope you are finding brilliant ways to waste time. I know that seeking adventure is not the easiest thing to do, particularly when you’ve got a lot of people around you who don’t understand why you’d ever want to change. 

They want to stay safe in their cozy, little bubbles and that’s fine for them, but you can do whatever you want and you can change however you want. 

Unlike me you don’t get a new face every time you change, but you do become a different person throughout your timeline. That’s fine. That’s exactly how it should be! All that matters is that you remember all the people you used to be.

Although, to be perfectly honest, I can’t imagine how I never wore a bow tie.

Here’s your last lesson (and it’s my favorite).

Having an adventure does not always mean crashing your Tardis on Darillium or fighting off Cybermen on what was supposed to be a day out at a theme park. Sometimes, the smallest moments are the most beautiful and the most thrilling. 

Don’t you for one moment compare someone else’s adventure with yours. I want you to live your life in exactly the way that makes you happiest.

Now then, that’s the end of our small bit of teaching on how to prepare to have a spontaneous adventure. Look around, they’re all around. Do your best to not let them pass by.

If you have any questions, you can just email me back. I’ve put together quite the clever setup where myself will answer you even when I’m not here.

Until next time!

The Doctor


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