What if my post were to go viral? (Thoughts on writing online)

Sometimes when I write, I think about all of the things that may happen if this post were to go viral. 

(Okay, let's be honest. ALL of the time.)

My eyes gleam as I imagine the accolades (!), the recognition (!), the interviews on all of my favorite podcasts (!).

(No lie, it happened while I wrote this article. It was some kind of Jedi mind trick cloaked with the logic that I'm talking about viral-ness not being the point, so it has to go viral.)

This seductive thought is all oiled-up and sneaks in and out of the cracks of my mind. It moves so fast that countless times throughout the day I don’t catch it in time before it sends me into a spiral of comparison. 

And if I don’t catch it in time, I start to hold back what I really want to say.

I "tone down" my opinion.

I tell myself things like Ehhh, that’s probably not funny. Delete that. No one will laugh.


If I don’t notice my thoughts in time as I write, I won’t write anything valuable. 

It will taste like watered-down Jameson when I've been craving it neat.

Not good enough.

In an attempt to appeal to the masses, my writing ends up becoming the halfheartedly-skimmed article. The one that’s easy to forget about.

No, thank you. 

As scary as it is to say what I really think, it’s become a necessity. 

It isn’t for the work fame, the 154 retweets or even for the moment when one of my parents sees it and starts to understand what I actually do for a living. 

It’s for the space it creates. 

And if I ever want to live a life where I am fulfilled and ask for what I want, my first step is to be honest on the page. 












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