Feel stuck? Talk to an Audience of One.

“I’m just feeling really stalled with this whole launch. I want to promote this freebie, but the landing page I made isn’t working, and that holds everything up.”

The line above is one of the many varieties I hear from each client that I work with.

Lots of entrepreneurs find themselves feeling stuck in big projects because of little problems, like the name of a Facebook group or a Leadpage that isn’t working the way it should.

But as soon as they start talking about this issue to me, it only takes around 10 minutes of brain dumping for them to reach a previously elusive solution.

Is it because I am just a brilliant strategist who helps guide them in the right direction? (Hair flip)


It’s because they’ve taken the time to talk about the problem outside of their heads.

Until this moment, with another human being present, the thought that’s been stalling them has repeatedly surfaced, and they’ve handled it by thinking for a moment and then deciding they would deal with it later.

But now that I’m in front of them, all smiley, in a video chat, they suddenly find they know exactly what to do.

The whole time they talk, I’m quiet. I take notes. I nod my head. I listen for cues or potentially good questions to ask, but typically, when they’re finished dishing, I don’t have to say anything.

I just smile and acknowledge that we can now move forward.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, on either a tiny problem or one that feels monumental in your head, there are a few ways you can use this method to get unstuck:

  1. Seek out a trusted friend or advisor to hold space for you. - Sometimes all it takes is finding someone who will just hold space for you. That means they know not to try and give you advice and will focus on being present instead.

  2. Talk out loud to yourself. - When I don’t have the luxury of close friend who is available, I often resort to holding space for myself. I’ll start off with questions like,

    • What’s happening?

    • Why do you feel stuck?

    • What are you scared might happen if you choose this direction over the other?

and I just let myself talk until I come to a conclusion. I don’t always reach it as quickly as I do when someone else is holding space for me, but I always get there eventually.

  1. Do stream of consciousness journaling. - If you communicate better via the written word, you can recreate a conversation out loud with one on paper by starting off with whatever is on your mind and letting your pen run across the paper as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t find a solution (and I bet you will), you’ll definitely feel better afterwards.

What are you feeling stuck on? Who do you go to when you need space held? Let me know in the comments below.

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