When is it time to let go of the reins in your business?

Here's something I recognized about the business recently.

I've let all of my previous marketing efforts get lost in wonderland.

Meaning, I haven't been doing any kind of marketing efforts besides the minimum of posting on Pinterest or sending out links to articles in the weekly newsletter.

As a result, I know that the site has a ton of good content that is not being seen or used in the way that it could be, and once I realized that I didn't have the time nor the energy to devote myself to marketing, I delegated the task to R.

After a few days, she sent me a list of ideas for marketing that included everything from Twitter to PR releases and back to social media contests.

It was a succinct, but comprehensive list, and while looking over it, I realized that a few of her suggestions were good, but not necessarily in alignment with the brand that I had built thus far.

Then, I reviewed some work from H and suggested a few minor changes that would help the student navigate more easily and have a better experience while using one of our products, and then selectively chose a few article topic ideas that would be more useful for our readers.

It was then that I realized that my role had shifted from less of a "in the business" type worker to more of an "on the business" type contribution.

It occurred to me that I am now responsible for keeping everything that we produce "on brand".

So, the questions that I think I need to be asking myself now are:

  • Is it what our readers need right now?
  • Does this help our readers move forward in the directions they need to go?
  • Does the design of this make it easy to understand and digest?
  • Does this idea serve the overall mission or take away from it?
  • What can I do to add the personality or flavor of The Iceberg Project to this?
  • How can I optimize already existing items to grow with our readers?

That means that the little suggestions I make or the extra work that I ask my team to do (because of my lack of communication about what our brand consists of) IS important and IS relevant.

So that being said, how can I communicate better to my team what our brand consists of?

Here are my ideas:

  • As I make suggestions, include why I am asking them to change these items or why I have edited certain areas of an article.
  • Ask them their current perspective on what The Iceberg Project brand represents.
  • Share with them my perspective or my vision for what The Iceberg Project represents.
  • Have a team meeting with me, R, and H at least once a month so they can get to know each other and be more in sync.
  • Delegate scheduling of content to R. Designate first meeting of month as a content meeting to discuss upcoming launches and promotions for appropriate content alignment.

Overall, I'm excited to be shifting into this new role and letting go of the reins a little bit more in the day-to-day operations.

It's scary, but I know that it ultimately serves the audience because I'll have more time to spend on research, development, and the language.

Plus, more free time to do what I am really good at makes me happier and that's good for me and for everyone around me.

Really, the more free time, the better, don't you think?

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