What would success look like for the Prepositions Challenge?

So as I was telling R earlier in our editorial meeting, I often vacillate between one extreme and the other before learning to find a sweet spot between the two.

This happened most recently with setting benchmarks and measures for what success looks like when it comes to launches, contests, and any kind of marketing effort.

I've just graduated from my too laid-back and no measures stage, and so now I'm making a concerted effort to put some markers in place so my team & I can know what we're doing right and in what areas we still need to improve.

The prepositions beta trial will launch within 3-4 days, so here is what success looks like for that beta run.

Benchmarks for the Beta Prepositions Challenge

# of participants - 35 (a mix of first-timers & alumni with at least two Italian Language Devotees)

# of participants that complete the beta trial within the requested time frame - 20

  • I expect a drop-off of around 40%. While there is a payment for accountability, I still expect that around 20 will fully complete the challenge within the requested time frame.

# of participants that offer testimonials - Between 5 - 7

Student improvement percentage - If a student starts the challenge with a test percentage of between:

  • 40%-50%, I expect between a 30-35% increase
  • 50-60%, I expect a 20-25% increase
  • 60%-70%, I expect a 20% increase
  • 80%-90%, I expect a 10-15% increase

We'll see how these go, and then I'll create benchmarks for the actual launch in October.

The more experimentation, the better.

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