To stretch or to rest?

I think I pulled something in my right leg, near my hamstring, because for the past four days, it's been sore and completely uncomfortable.

This morning, when I was doing my modified-thanks-to-pain yoga, I thought about the difference between when it's time to stretch yourself and when it's time to rest.

This is probably because I have been very tired lately.

In America, especially, we like to glorify overworking.

We think it's a badge of honor or a rite of passage to be martyrs for our careers or for our passions.

I have subscribed to this belief since I began working, and I am glad that I haven't been working for a long time before I realized how ridiculous that is.

While working around the clock can work for brief periods, it is absolutely unsustainable as a long-term game plan.

So when I wondered this morning if I should stretch or rest my right leg, I also wondered whether it was time for me to stretch or rest.

The past seven months have stretched me, and in particular, the past two months have proved to me that I am capable of far worse and far better things than I realize.

So now I know it is time to rest.

To stop lying to myself about some grand notion where I sacrifice myself to "get ahead".

That being rested, present, and loving is an achievement that outmatches a Forbes Under 30 list every single moment of every single day.

I have projects in the pipeline that require attention now, and I know a solution for rest + completion of those projects exists, but I'm not quite sure what that looks like yet.

I trust, though, that if I respect the rest I need to take, then the solution for how to achieve that will show up to meet me halfway.

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