Oh, September. What’s in store for you? (2015)

I'm so excited for September. I'm looking forward to the slowing down that comes with the FINAL project of the year.

It's so nice to have a blank slate after the prepositions challenge. I really want to focus on optimizing the site. In the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a lot that I could change in terms of processes, but also content on the site. I feel like, at some point unbeknownst to me, I began to write less like me and more like a typical teacher. Not cool. That needs to change. :]


Big 3

Optimization – While we did some great tech optimization in August (including FINALLY re-setting up Google Analytics and fixing small problems with the site), I want to focus on better marketing the products we already have through smart automation processes and increasing traffic.

Prepositions Challenge – I just finished writing week five of the prepositions challenge, which means there are only two weeks left to write. YAY! This month I'm going to focus on finishing the last six lessons, putting all of the content on LearnDash, and then catering to the beta group. Once we're out of beta and changes are made, this challenge will go in the shop as a forever product. Thank goodness. I can't wait to get it off of my plate.

Learning Mandarin Chinese – I am beginning to see the Chinese site as an opportunity instead of a burden or an energy drain. It's a chance to start anew with a refined learning philosophy, content that is quality-focused instead of sometimes lazily and haphazardly put together, and a business model that is comprehensive and simple. The #Add1Challenge is over now, and I'm incredibly pleased with my results - no matter how the video goes, I know I've come a long way, and the only way I can go from here is up. This month I'll maintain my 30 minutes a day study schedule and focus on getting four articles out every month. The itch to do a podcast has been bothering me lately, but from a business stance I'm not ready to invest in that project unless the Mandarin site starts making its own money. Time to stop babying my business & let it fend for itself.


Learning Spanish – I am so stoked about learning Spanish because it's such a relevant language to learn - particularly in Las Vegas and with a Hispanic boyfriend. This month I'm committing myself to 20 minutes of study, which will look like a mix of podcast episodes, Rebelde, Duolingo, and Anki.

Guest posting – I am definitely going to miss tourist season for a bigger audience draw, but I think I can write a couple of articles that speak to the value of the off-season. I honestly don't want to write guest posts. -_-


  • Meeting with K every week (once for Spanish coaching & once for mastermind)
  • Meeting with O every Wednesday
  • Meeting with R every Monday


I feel okay now, but I want to make more space for writing & reflection, reading, and exercising.


  • Spanish vs. Italian paper
  • Harmony of Babel by Kató Lomb
  • Tofugu

Unnecessary creating

  • Writing Friday gratitude letters
  • Painting
  • New recipes?

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