32 Acts of Self-Love

I don't know about you, but it's easy for me to forget how to stop, slow down and take care of myself when my life gets busy and full of bustle.

To help myself remember, I thought I would share a list of the ways I slow down and show a little bit of love for myself.

1.) Do nothing but lay down until I am tired of laying down.

2.) Buy myself some flowers with big, bright colors.

3.) Take a bath. (This reminds me of this song. I die every time.)

4.) Reread Eat, Pray, Love. Because Liz Gilbert.

5.) Go on a walk.

6.) Meditate.

7.) Explore a new foreign language, like Swedish or Hopi -- the more impractical, the better.

8.) Buy a new dress.

9.) Buy new underwear.

10.) Write some fiction.

11.) Drink a cup of tea.

12.) Start reading a new fiction novel -- preferably with a combination of romance and dark places.

13.) Read my most favorite quotes.

14.) Send someone I appreciate a thank you card.

15.) Send someone a love letter.

16.) Eat mozzarella sticks.

17.) Eat gelato. (And if I'm forced to go to Italy to get fragola gelato, then well...so be it.)

18.) Basically, eat whatever I want.

19.) Clean my home.

20.) Go running.

21.) Do yoga.

22.) Give away things I no longer need.

23.) Buy a new candle -- preferably with some kind of magicky, witchy meaning.

24.) Buy a new pair of shoes.

25.) Go see some art.

26.) Make some art.

27.) Get a pedicure.

28.) And a manicure, while I'm at it.

29.) Get a massage.

30.) Go on a juice date with a friend.

31.) Go to a fancy place to eat that I've been wanting to try for basically forever. (Honey Salt, I'm looking at you.)

32.) Watch a movie.

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