Oh, October. What's in store for you? (2015)

October is already very exciting. I started Racheal Cook's Conscious Business Design program, and I leave for the Polyglot Conference in NYC in just a couple days. 

Last month, I talked about the prepositions challenge being my last project, and the initial writing is DONE. It feels so good to say that. Now, all that's left is to finish up the beta test with the 21 participants, get feedback and make necessary changes. 

In terms of what I said I wanted to do last month, I did some optimization with Google search (stopped The Iceberg Project from showing up as Cherhale.com), reformatted some popular articles and planned a marketing calendar from October to January. I also rewrote the about pages. The first email in that cycle went out last week, and it did okay. I only saw a couple sales go through, so I'm not sure where to change tactics, but I'm hoping-wishing-praying that I learn valuable info from CBD.

I made SO MUCH headway (clarity-wise) with the Chinese site, which felt incredible. I rewrote the about pages, have consistently sent out articles and newsletters and had the BEST Chinese lesson last night where I saw the progress I was making. 

In terms of Spanish, I went from 20 minutes a day to 40 minutes a day, am able to hold conversations in Spanish for 45 minutes to an hour (during lessons) and need to work on conjugations, stop saying "non" instead of "no", and am finding having a coach for learning Spanish invaluable. I'm making much faster progress and feel on track instead of scattered.

Also a popular blogger in our space asked me to write a guest post for her. YAY!

I never read the Spanish/Italian paper or finished Harmony of Babel. -_- 

Anywho, I'm expecting October to be a more introspective time period -- one of reflection + planning.


Big 3

Optimization – I'm going to look at how I can better utilize the existing podcast to be more useful for intermediate students as well. Plus, we are going to test out C's articles for intermediate/advanced students. I'm going to link to products within popular articles and pages and clean up old posts and links. I might delegate that to H. I'm also going to update the prepositions challenge sales page to be more effective. I'm also going to make plans to revamp the 30 day challenge and the prep cheat sheets.

Prepositions Challenge – I need to put the rest of the lessons on LearnDash, add one extra exercise and put together the ending lists. Then I'll send out a survey for feedback with detailed points like how much time it took them to finish lessons each day and their beginning/ending scores to more overarching topics like motivation. 

Learning Mandarin Chinese – I'll continue listening to CP lessons and putting cards into Anki. I'll schedule at least two tutoring sessions during the month. My trouble here is figuring out what else to do during those sessions besides correcting my language islands. Maybe I can work on pronunciation from the trainer that I bought with her.


Learning Spanish – I'll continue spending 40 minutes a day with Spanish, get my past tense and imperfect tense conjugations down and explore the future tense. I'll also research "lo que" and "es que" and keep writing two language islands a week. 

Guest posting – I'll send my guest post to L and make sure the absolute beginner guide is on the front page when it goes live. 


  • Meeting with K every week (once for Spanish coaching & once for mastermind)
  • Meeting with O every Wednesday
  • Meeting with R every Monday (business meeting)
  • Chatting with A when necessary
  • Asking K questions via email about TG business


During October, I am committed to taking vitamin D every day, seeing a good friend at least once a week for a chat, carving out an hour each day for CBD, and spending another 30 minutes to an hour with a mix of inspiration/reflection. 


  • Spanish vs. Italian paper
  • Spanish!
  • Chinese!
  • Italian test prep! 
  • Playing Big by Tara Mohr
  • CBD

Unnecessary creating

  • Writing language islands
  • New recipes
  • Writing
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