How Aleph Took Me on a Soul Journey in 269 Pages

Once upon a time I had a blog about learning how to write. This is because, as you might guess, I wanted very badly to be a writer. I also was fascinated by anyone who gave wisdom that went against the grain.

So when I was cleaning up some old articles from The Iceberg Project's site, I was delighted to find this gem about Aleph by Paulo Coelho. Please excuse my tendency to overwrite and use big, flowery language. That was just how I was, and you know, gotta' honor that.

"There's no point in sitting here, using words that mean nothing. Go and experiment. It's time you got out of here. Go and re-conquer your kingdom, which has grown corrupted by routine. Stop repeating the same lesson, because you won't learn anything new that way."

Everything that I've read up until this point about spirituality was confirmed in Aleph. Paulo Coelho has a wizardry with dialogue, conveying spirituality, and telling a compelling story. I was taken on a soul journey, and I had the realization that everything up until this moment had been preparing for right now, that everything up until the moment that you're in prepares you for right then.

Here are 5 major concepts that I'll carry away from Aleph & integrate into my life:

  1. Romantic relationships are ever-evolving: Paulo has been married to his wife for over twenty years, and they maintain their relationship by recognizing that each of them changes every day, every minute, every second from the person they used to be.
  2. Love just is: You don't have to have romantic love, friendship love, or parent-child love to have love. You can just love another human being because. It's a beautiful thing to just love without any reason for it existing other than for it to exist. With no expectations, no attachments.
  3. Be committed to life: There is a quote in the book that says "...anyone truly committed to life never stops walking." Be committed to life by always exploring, always wandering, always learning new things about your soul to seek inner peace & love. Never let fear hold you back and never get too comfortable.
  4. Time doesn't pass: All life happens in one instant. Humans in our infinite cleverness created a way to measure time, so we could keep track of the world around us, but in the universe, all time happens in the present. Don't let memories from the past or the future hold you. Always remember to live in this moment.
  5. We build our own barriers: Our perspective of the world is what holds or helps us reach our potential. If you have a wall between you and another person, it's very likely that you're the one that built it even it seems the other way around. Your mind (your ego) is what creates your barriers for you. Let the soul/love lead instead. 

Find the book here: Aleph (Vintage International)

What do you think? Have you read Aleph or any other of Paulo Coelho's books?

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