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 It's a challenge to secure people's attention these days. When they're not experimenting with the latest digital detox, every device they have is pinging, ringing or talking back to them. What's more, journalists, editors, and producers are more overwhelmed than ever with lukewarm press releases, piles of publicity packages, and their own demanding editorial calendars.

But as people become more selective about the quantity and quality of media that they take in, we — the ladies behind Cher Hale Creative PR — continue to get results for our clients by personalizing every single pitch, being kind, and building relationships bit by bit.

More importantly, we believe in using our PR skills as a mechanism to drive social change. As a first generation Taiwanese-American woman who grew up in a predominantly white railroad town, I know how it feels to be underrepresented (or completely invisible) in the media. And, as a public relations specialist, I also know the power that the media has to amplify voices and stories like mine.

When we use the media as an ally, we can shift our cultural narrative from negativity and division to one of inclusion, acceptance, and positive change.

Every story can make a difference. And we would love to tell yours.


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As a kid, I used to snuggle into the space between our bay windows and the back of the couch and fall into worlds created by L. Frank Baum, C.S. Lewis, and Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Books helped me learn to see from another person's perspective and offered me alternatives to what I thought was possible (they also gave me a vocabulary that made playing Scrabble way more fun).

So when I learned about how Room to Read was systematically addressing issues like poverty in low-income countries through literacy acquisition, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

That's why we donate funds to teach a child to read and write for an entire year every time we sign a new client. You can read more about their initiatives and impact here [].

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