I have a thing for learning. That's why I always take the time to cultivate personal projects. Here are a just a couple you might find interesting.



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I built The Iceberg Project because I wanted somewhere I could play with languages. And then, quite magically, it also became my primary playground to experiment with online business. On the site, you'll read about speed dating with vocabulary words, hear podcast episodes about what it's like to live in Italy, and take programs on things that drive language learners crazy, like prepositions and pronouns. And what's even cooler is that in building it, I learned how to write really persuasive emails, how to never miss a post on my editorial calendar, how to build an engaged community of over 4,000 people and how to build digital products and programs. Best decision ever. 



When I was a kid, I used to sit in my office (a makeshift one in the storage closet under the stairs) and write stories. Now I use that love of narrative to craft compelling copy that gets to the heart of a potential client's experience and to communicate difficult concepts in simple ways. That being said, I also love to write just to write, which is why I'm working on a tiny book of travel vignettes. Coming May 2017.