78% of Americans want businesses to stand up for important social justice issues.*

In short, they want you -- the founder, ceo, and boss -- to stand up, talk about what you care about, and take action.

Which you would love to do except…  you don’t always have the time to confirm the facts and form an educated opinion. There’s simply too much noise in the media to sift through. Plus, you don’t want to be wrong and misinform people. Or worse, look stupid. I get it.

That’s why I created this free newsletter: BOSSES THAT CARE.

3x a month, I’ll send a list of 5-10 facts that will help you figure out where you stand on a particular issue --  the issues that affect the quality of life for your audience, your customers, and your loved ones.

Because: staying informed is our collective responsibility and business is about more than just turning a profit. It’s about being a part of the solution, taking action, and doing more good than harm to our world.

What do you stand for?

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*2017 Cone Communications CSR Study