I take socially conscious brands from a local to a global level.

I work with companies that have a cause to champion and a story to tell. Then, I figure out how to start digital and in-person global conversations around the brand.

Because as a company, your brand doesn't have to be as small as your footprint.

We're marketers that believe we still have time to make a difference.




My name is Cher (yep, just like the singer & while I hate to disappoint you, I don’t know anyone by the name of Sonny.) All of my "professional" credentials come from a blend of experiences in the nonprofit and online business sectors, and I have a B.S. in Communications from UNLV. When I'm not pitching for a client, crafting a promotion plan, or writing, you'll probably find me hiking and rattling off Parks & Rec quotes. I'm Taiwanese-American, and I'm damn proud of it. 



I'm Bria Hash and the founder of 4ourty. I help business owners to implement strategies that allow them to champion their message through on point visuals, content, products, and services. The work I do is a constant reminder of each business’ civic and social responsibility to give back to their communities as they grow, and I  believe in creating a positive and unbreakable cycle of unity, empowerment, and support.




I'm Sarah, and I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator who helps many entrepreneurs and big businesses around the world make their brands more awesome and beautiful.

I hold a Bachelor of Visual Communication, which has been my passport to the digital nomad life. I'm originally from Venezuela but I've spent the last year living and enjoying the wonderful culture of Mexico.


If the brand were..., it would be...

  • A beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale - Yep, it's as intense as it sounds. The text on the label is EVERYTHING.
  • A drink: Hot Toddy - Because I'm all about being warm, healing, AND strong.
  • A song: Manifest by Russ - Because magic. :)
  • A quote: "You don't have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to the play the hell out of the ones you're holding." - Cheryl Strayed