Without grammar, there’s only vagueness.
— A Little Book on Language, David Crystal

I built The Iceberg Project because I wanted somewhere I could play with languages. 


On the site, you'll read about speed dating with vocabulary words, hear podcast episodes about what it's like to live in Italy, and take programs on things that drive language learners crazy, like prepositions and pronouns. 



Right now I am learning Spanish, and I am obsessed with it.


I adore Spanish. I like how similar the grammar is to Italian because I am sometimes lazy, and I like how there are so many things for learning Spanish. I like how immediately relevant it is, and I like that I can read all of the books I love reading in Spanish without paying extraordinary shipping fees. It is a beautiful thing.

My favorite word right now: apoyo - support

My favorite thing to say right now: asi que - so 

My favorite song in Spanish right now: Corre! by Joy & Jesse

hoy desperté con ganas de besarte.
— carla morrison