Why did the radish blush?
It saw the salad dressing.

I built The Iceberg Project because I wanted somewhere I could play with languages. 


On the site, you'll read about speed dating with vocabulary words, hear podcast episodes about what it's like to live in Italy, and take programs on things that drive language learners crazy, like prepositions and pronouns. 



Right now I'm learning French (even though I swore I never would), and it's seduced me.


French has delighted me with its loveliness. You know how they say you shouldn't jump from one relationship straight into another? Well, I didn't listen and dove straight out of the arms of Spanish into those of French. Plus all of this studying as a complete beginner has given me a much wider perspective into what my Italian students are going through. Let's see what this language has in store for me. 

My favorite phrase right now: MDR (mort de rire)

My favorite thing to say right now: C'est mignon! - It's cute!

My favorite song in French right now: Toi et moi

la vie est faite de petits bonheurs